Nike App Feed

Platform: iOS & Android

Role: Design Lead

User Experience, Visual Design, Motion Design, Prototyping, Sketch Component Library, Brand Guidelines

What is it?

Nike Feed is a personalized stream of products and editorial content for users of the Nike App. A place of discovery for new and existing users.

The Process

Collaborators & Stakeholders

Global Brand (Identity System)

Program Management

Product Management


Geo/localized authors

Collaborators & Stakeholders

VP of Design

VP of Product

NRC & NTC representatives

Research & Insights

Content Strategy


I began by looking at the different types of content that could be in the Nike Feed. We wanted an editorial feel overall, so variety of content was important. But because the Feed would be used across different apps and authored by different geographical creators, we wanted to create a select number of components for consistency.

Feed_Component Types_02

Concepts & Prototypes

We tried a lot of variations on what a feed could be. One idea was to create an Instagram Stories type of model, where Nike's beautiful content could be fully showcased fullscreen. Another was more of a weekly digest of stories, limited to a small number to give it a digestable and magazine-like feel.

After designing and prototyping several concepts, we partnered with the Research team to meet 1-on-1 with users in Chicago and LA to gain insight into the interaction models and types of content. What we found is that the feed should be personalized and not overly complicated.

Feed – Design Phones

Final Designs

Sketch Component Library

The team and I created the framework and guidelines for the new Nike Feed, but the task of creating the content and actual cards and threads was on the Global Brand team. So part of our deliverables upon completion of the project, was the Sketch files. So I created a shareable Sketch Component Library.

This allowed the components to maintain proper spacing and styling, in order to stay true to the original design and keep the feed content consistent. We also worked with the engineers to create components on the dev side, matching exactly what we designed and handed off.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 9.48.11 PM